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Top 10 Reasons to choose ComplianceManager for your GRC Solution

“ComplianceManager is a critical component to achieving our compliance.”

National Oilwell Varco

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ComplianceManager Return On Investment Datasheet

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1 Automated Workflow
ComplianceManager’s superior workflow allows all of your compliance work to be performed within the same system. This prevents wasteful double entry and time lost to redundant activities, and allows projects to be performed in half the usual time.
2 Real-time Reporting
Need a complete audit trail of your compliance project? No problem. ComplianceManager makes it easy to run standard reports as well as create completely customized queries on any data set at no additional cost.
3 Reliable
Having a reliable web service is critical for any project. ComplianceManager has maintained a 99.99% uptime reliability record for every year of operation.
4 Easy to Use
ComplianceManager was designed with the end user in mind. Recipients of policies and certifications require zero training, while users with more advanced Administrative roles need just a few hours of training.
5 Acclaimed Customer Service
We take the “service” part of Software as a Service (SaaS) to heart and provide exceptional support -- as all of our clients are happy to attest!
6 Cost Effective
Our solutions have been proven to cut the average project time in half, and our customers have consistently seen significant efficiency gains using ComplianceManager. Do more with less!
7 Flexible
ComplianceManager solutions are designed to be highly configurable and to adapt to your business needs. We grow with you as your compliance needs change.
8 Secure
ComplianceManager partners with Rackspace to provide continuous state-of-the-art security that is more secure than most companies’ own internal networks. There have been no security breaches in all our years of operations.
9 See Project Status at a Glance
ComplianceManager lets you see the status of your compliance projects at a glance, with real-time updates and dashboards to help you effectively monitor your projects.
10 We Know Our Stuff
ComplianceManager is run by former Financial, Audit and Legal executives who know what it’s like to manage critical compliance projects. Your concerns are our concerns and every one of our clients is more than happy to share their experiences working with us. Our reliability, attention to detail and pledge of commitment is our life blood. We’re ready to help you streamline your compliance projects today.