Compliance Manager makes a difference for Symyx Technologies.
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  • 3-Day Data Migration
  • 50% Audit Reduction
  • 100% World Class Security
  • $0 IT Investment

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ComplianceManagerTM's intelligent workflow automatically routes your updates based on pre-defined approval process, through the end-to-end cycle of assessment, remediation, testing, narrative, flowcharts and certification.

One Centralized Automated Update

"ComplianceManagerTM automates all my administrative tasks – approx. 80% of my compliance effort. Now I can redirect my resources to designing and improving controls."

  • Single source of entry: Users only need to enter the data once at a single source. No need for repetitive entries of same data in multiple databases, repositories, reports, etc.
  • Multiple updates: All related data points will be updated automatically, as predefined by the application and users' specifications.
  • End-to-end: Updates will flow through the entire compliance lifecycle – from Assessment, through Remediation, to Testing - and back, continuously.
  • Real-time: Updates are in effect immediately upon approvals. Application is continuously refreshed. All related reports, documents and task lists are up to date, anytime.
  • 100% automatic: No manual steps are required. All updates are fully automatic.
  • Predefined workflows: Updates will be routed based on predefined approval process before permanently recording into application.
  • Self-contained: Updates are all done within the application. No need to go outside for edits, changes, deletions, etc. All tasks are performed centrally.

"I used to budget several hours every week for data updates - which add up to weeks over the project cycle. Now those hours and weeks go into what really benefit my control environment & my organization." - SOX Project Manager

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