One Dedicated Project Manager
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  • 3-Day Data Migration
  • 50% Audit Reduction
  • 100% World Class Security
  • $0 IT Investment

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ComplianceManagerTM assigns a dedicated project manager to each project – a professional compliance expert who understands your business and technical needs.

One Dedicated Project Manager

Unlike most other software applications in the market, every ComplianceManagerTM project comes with a dedicated, professional and knowledgeable Project Manager. Most of our Project Managers have been in your shoes – they might have led compliance programs in finance, legal, HR, IT or enterprise level.

"Our Project Managers have been in your shoes, speak your language, know your pain points, and often has the solution ready."

  • Business Specification – Our Project Managers are involved from the get-go. They learn and understand the your business needs and translate them into functional specifications
  • Technical Specification – Our Project Managers work with our Program Development team continuously to ensure all functional specifications are properly addressed, on a timely and accurate basis
  • Data Migration – Our Project Managers guide you through the entire process – including migrating all existing data to your dedicated ComplianceManager project environment to ensure no or minimal business disruption
  • Testing – Our Project Managers have developed a proven, robust test script, to ensure your project has no or minimal issues upon roll-out
  • Training – Our Project Managers will conduct a 3-day onsite training session. These sessions can be extended and catered to the different business needs of your users
  • Implementation – Our Project Managers are responsible to ensure a successful go-live with your team
  • Continuous Support – Our Project Managers are your dedicated go-to person from Day 1 and onwards – not some remote, outsourced, level 1 support in a foreign country

"The level of dedication, professionalism and technical knowledge demonstrated throughout the process is unparalleled. I have access to my Project Manager 24/7 – her cell is on my speed-dial list." - SOX Project Manager

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