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ComplianceManagerTM provides a central repository for data and document retrieval, a clear readily auditable trail with date, time, action and person-stamped, and personalized user access rights to enable an efficient and controlled external audit process.

Audit Engagement Reduction by 50%

For many companies, audit fees had geometrically increased and were continuing to escalate, in large part due to SOX-related review fees. As a result, one of our Silicon-Valley mid-cap clients desired to streamline and improve the process for their external auditors' access and review of management's assessment in order to improve auditor visibility and ultimately reduce time spent performing the SOX review.

After its first year of managing its SOX program on the ComplianceManagerTM platform, the SOX Director informed us that their Big-4 external auditor was able to streamline the engagement and reduce their estimated engagement hours for SOX-related review activity by a staggering 50%. The SOx Director credits ComplianceManagerTM for this decrease.

"ComplianceManagerTM reduces the external auditors' review time from 2 weeks per quarter down to 1. "

Prior to implementation of ComplianceManagerTM, the external auditor estimated SOX-related review activity to require 2 weeks per quarter. However, after commenting upon the simplicity of ComplianceManager's navigation and ease of finding/reviewing all assessment information in the system, the auditor reduced its estimated review time to just 1 week per quarter. The SOx Director also noted that review scope for the upcoming engagement remained the same.

"ComplianceManagerTM has been a fabulous application... With all the acquisitions and growth, I can't imagine life without ComplianceManagerTM and everyone who interacts with it - is impressed. Our ComplianceManager team leader has been truly one of the most responsive and helpful consultants I have ever worked with. Our success is definitely attributable to her and I have enjoyed working with you both." - SOX Director

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