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  • 3-Day Data Migration
  • 50% Audit Reduction
  • 100% World Class Security
  • $0 IT Investment

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3-Day Data Migration: "In 3 business days – we are up and running around the globe." ComplianceManagerTM uses patented technology to enable fast migration of existing data into our server while preserving your data's current format and context.  more

50% Audit Reduction: "Regulatory audit time cut in half by implementing ComplianceManagerTM." ComplianceManagerTM provides a central repository for data and document retrieval, a clear readily auditable trail with date, time, action and person-stamped, and personalized user access rights to enable an efficient and controlled external audit process.  more

100% World Class Security: "It's only one of the two applications we allow offsite hosting – the other vendor has to build an entire mirror hierarchy." ComplianceManagerTM is hosted in a secured, SAS-70 certified environment with dedicated servers to your business.  Electronic signatures capability based on robust authentication and authorization infrastructure ensures compliance with industry regulations.  more

$0 IT Investment: "…now THAT is a good ROI!" ComplianceManagerTM provides an all-in Software-as-a-Service model – there is no addition cost for hosting, implementation, data migration, internal IT costs, and many hidden costs common to similar applications.  more

On Demand Modules: "100% flexibility – a true on-demand model at my own pace for my evolving needs." ComplianceManagerTM is built with complete flexibility to accommodate your organization needs – you can start with our SOX solution or an individual policy compliance program – each of our solutions can be fully integrated as your needs change.  more

1 Dedicated Project Manager: "No more struggling with outsourced level-1 helpdesk… My dedicated project manager is professional, knowledgeable and always available." ComplianceManagerTM assigns a dedicated project manager to each project – a professional compliance expert who understands your business and technical needs.  more

100's Management Reports: "A myriad of standard management reports and a powerful query to create many more based on my needs." ComplianceManagerTM comes standard with a list of commonly used management reports and a powerful query builder which enables you to create 100's more. Graphical dashboards and flexible reports with drill-down capability provide statistics by any data element such as control status, gaps, deficiencies, audit history, retention times at the corporate level all the way down to an individual or a task.  more

50% More Affordable: "We've looked at all the so-called 'Quadrant 1' applications…ComplianceManagerTM is at least 50% more affordable than the rest of market." ComplianceManagerTM is an on-demand solution catered to corporations of all sizes and budgets. Whether you are a Fortune 500 or a pre-IPO small cap, we can deploy a solution that meets your needs.  more

Minimal Training Required: "Our system administrator was trained in 20 minutes while most users do not require any training time at all… many of whom speak English as a second language!" ComplianceManagerTM has an intuitive, Microsoft®-like user interface which requires minimal to no training – so your team can be productive at the get-go.  more

1 Centralized Automated Update: "We only need to update our documents once – no more version control headaches." ComplianceManagerTM's intelligent workflow automatically routes your updates based on pre-defined approval process, through the end-to-end cycle of assessment, remediation, testing, narrative, flowcharts and certification.  more

0 Downtime for Upgrades: "We came back on Monday morning – and voila! – we got the latest version with the updates at no cost and no downtime." All updates and upgrades are performed regularly – and seamlessly. There is no need for online or in-person installation and disruption to your operations – and at zero cost.  more

ComplianceManagerTM is the Technology of Yahoo!'s Corporate Governance Program

"We've looked at all the other systems in the market and ComplianceManagerTM is the only system with intelligent project workflow and productivity savings. It's the only system you should consider buying. I highly recommend it. Global Compliance Officer, Fortune 500 company.