Minimal Training Required
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  • 3-Day Data Migration
  • 50% Audit Reduction
  • 100% World Class Security
  • $0 IT Investment

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ComplianceManagerTM has an intuitive, Microsoft®–like user interface which requires minimal to no training – so your team can be productive at the get-go.

Minimal Training Required

Change is always scary. Last thing your company needs in addition to all the compliance requirements is another training marathon or change management course. ComplianceManagerTM understands this and has made the transition simple, easy and painless. Our Microsoft® like user interface and intelligent business workflow requires minimal change to your existing process – and hence minimal training to migrate to the automated environment.

"This is one of the slickest applications I've seen. It is worth every penny. Good job."

  • 100% web-based: ComplianceManagerTM is accessible to all your designated employees via a dedicated domain to your company – anywhere and anytime – via secured internet.
  • Microsoft®–like user interface: Unlike other applications, ComplianceManagerTM is designed to mirror your existing documentation – be they in Microsoft® Word or Excel. Users will easily orient themselves and start working on the content almost immediately. No need or fear to learn a "new" application.
  • Intuitive navigation: From the executive dashboards to the management reports, screens and actions are self-explanatory with minimal training or instructions.
  • Intelligent workflow: Years of extensive, unique business intelligence is built behind the robust engine. Users are prompted to complete tasks within predefined parameters. Tasks completion, routing and approval are all automated and performed within the application.
  • Minimal change to existing process: ComplianceManagerTM is designed to automate and improve your existing process – not to create a new one. From the visual to the workflow, users will have a minimal learning curve while gaining maximum productivity.


"Bottom line: What used to take six months and created immense angst now takes two weeks with much less stress and far greater accuracy and efficiency. Beyond the exceptional performance of their solution, the customer service was highly attentive and stayed with us the entire way through the project. I would highly recommend ComplianceManagerTM to anyone." – Director of Corporate Governance & Administration

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