Fifty Percent More Affordable
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  • 3-Day Data Migration
  • 50% Audit Reduction
  • 100% World Class Security
  • $0 IT Investment

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ComplianceManagerTM is an on-demand solution catered to corporations of all sizes and budgets. Whether you are a Fortune 500 or a pre-IPO small cap, we can deploy a solution that meets your needs.

50% More Affordable

Compliance does not have to come expensive. In fact, ComplianceManagerTM believes compliance programs should be available to companies of all sizes at an accessible cost. Our on-demand, flexible, web-based model ensures that compliance programs can be implemented at a cost that is significantly less than their benefits – to protect the stakeholders and to justify the ROI.

"ComplianceManagerTM believes compliance is for every company – and our business model reflects that belief."

  • Web-based – ComplianceManagerTM is 100% web-based. Project is deployed end-to-end on the secured internet – with significant savings passed onto your company.
  • $0 IT Investment – No server for hosting. No hardware. No internal IT resources. No hidden costs – which average up to an additional 64% for comparable applications.
  • On-demand modules – Our pay-as-you-use module is catered to your budget cycle and your spend limit. No commitment to an enterprise-wide implementation – different modules can be implemented independently while building towards a long-term cohesive vision without the upfront capital outlay – while avoiding any back-end rework.
  • Free implementation – All data migration, system setup, and custom configurations are included.
  • Free management reports – 100s reports and queries are included – which can cost $5,000 per report in other comparable applications.
  • Free onsite training – Onsite training by our professional and knowledgeable business and technical experts support and guide you through the roll out process.
  • Free updates and upgrades – Continuous system updates and upgrades – seamless and free.


"We've done extensive research so you can save yours. ComplianceManagerTM is more affordable than any other comparable applications in the market – by far." – SOX Project Manager

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