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  • 50% Audit Reduction
  • 100% World Class Security
  • $0 IT Investment

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ComplianceManagerTM is built with complete flexibility to accommodate your organization needs – you can start with our any of our individual policy compliance program – each of our solutions can be fully integrated as your needs change.

100% On-Demand Flexibility

Unlike most other software applications in the market, ComplianceManagerTM is true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and is deployed entirely over the internet. Compliance modules can be added any time without reconfiguration or rework on the user end.Yahoo Policy Management Success Story

"Audit Management Module in 2006, Policy Management in 2007, Risk Management in 2008 - and more as we grow."

  • 100% On Demand – add any compliance module at your own pace based on your evolving business needs
  • Integrated modules – build from small compliance “blocks” to an integrated ERM infrastructure
  • Function-centric model – driven by operational or functional units/ process owners responsible for compliance e.g. finance, legal, HR, procurement – while complying with Corporate policy
  • Meet immediate business needs while building long term GRC enterprise- vision

"It's a classic chicken-and-egg scenario – I couldn't start without an enterprise level plan – yet budget won't get approved until I proved success at a functional level. With ComplianceManagerTM, I can have both!" – SOX Director

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