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ComplianceManagerTM uses patented technology to enable fast migration of existing data into our server while preserving your data's current format and context.

Up & Running in 3 Days

The need for an automated solution for compliance management is now well recognized. However, the continuous hurdle faced by most companies is the implementation effort. More than often, a process that is to streamline and improve compliance management ends up consuming more time and effort.

"When an application advertises an implementation time of 60-90 days, I expect the actual to be 120-180 days," commented the Chief Compliance Officer of a regional financial institution. ILOG, an industry leader of business rule management, optimization and visualization software technologies, postponed their decision of acquiring an automated solution due to similar skepticism. They had even looked internally for solutions…until their consultants, Frank Rimerman + Co., recommended ComplianceManagerTM.

"We sent them the data on Friday afternoon. The system was ready for testing in France on the following Tuesday."

"We have been using ComplianceManagerTM on other engagements and wanted to recommend it to ILOG, except that the timing was impossible – at least we thought," recalled the Project Manager. "Our team was flying out to France that weekend to start the testing the following week." But ComplianceManagerTM exceeded that expectation. "We sent them the data on Friday afternoon. The system was ready for testing on the following Tuesday."

"ComplianceManagerTM has been a fantastic application for ILOG from the get-go. The data migration was painless. The customer service was prompt, responsive and thorough. Further changes to processes and controls can be easily updated within the application. What has taken months for other applications is now done in days." - SOX Project Manager

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