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Step-by-step guidance through a proven Compliance Audit framework

ComplianceManager Audit management benefits

Audit for Retail Stores

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Businesses today rely more than ever on timely, accurate audits and continuous monitoring to ensure employee and third party compliance with regulations, industry standards and company policies. The price of not ensuring compliance has simply become too high to ignore.

How can you ensure compliance thoroughly yet cost effectively? And how can all this be done and still allow Internal Audit departments the time to contribute to company improvements through operational audits?

ComplianceManager makes it simple.

ComplianceManager provides a solution for both formal and informal audits, including Operations Audit, Retail Store Audit, and SOC Audit. Here are just a few ways we can simplify your audit process.

Automate surveys and certifications

Automate your survey and certification communication with your employees and third parties.
Automate surveys and certifications
See the Status at a Glance

Monitor Compliance status with real-time dashboards and email alerts. You can identify issues before they become problems.
See the status of your audit at a glance
Consolidate Audit and Monitoring information

With ComplianceManager you can store all of your compliance audits and continuous monitoring information in one place.

Consolidate audit information
Reporting is Easy

Create reports sorted by virtually any criteria, such as status, location, or business unit.
Easy audit reporting