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“The most important outcome of ERM is a meaningful risk discussion and responsive action at the leadership level. ComplianceManager provides a central source for ERM information in an easily digestible format, to foster and focus those discussions.”

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is often used by business leaders to manage internal and external risks that can derail business initiatives. ERM has also become an essential management tool to measure the value of corporate budget line items aimed at avoiding risk. And for public companies, Board’s must disclose how they are managing and monitoring risk. As a result, more companies are formalizing their ERM program.

For company’s new to ERM, the question is “How do we get started?” For ERM veterans, the question is “How can we keep risk data current and meaningfully integrate it into our business?” And how to do this within budget?

ComplianceManager makes it simple.
Manage all your ERM data from one place

The best ERM programs periodically assess risks across the organization, and ensure that they are evaluated by Management and/or the Board of Directors. However, those evaluations are only as productive as the quality, completeness and prioritization of your ERM data.

ComplianceManager provides a centralized location to organize, maintain and update all your ERM information. From identifying risks and monitoring avoidance measures, to assessing trends and tracking the impact on business initiatives, ComplianceManager is your primary ERM source to better adapt and respond to risk threats.

Enterprise Risk Management by ComplianceManager
Ensure risk awareness and ownership

Embedding risk awareness into your culture is a pre-requisite to ensuring that meaningful risk information bubbles up to the top. ComplianceManager automates the communication, data collection and collaboration processes between risk owners and management.

ComplianceManager enables all stakeholders to collaborate via periodic online risk assessments. It analyzes and aggregates those assessments into a single executive summary to facilitate leadership’s roundtable discussion of current risks. And when leadership decides to act, ComplianceManager tracks deployed risk avoidance measures and risk updates, so that Management has up to date visibility of the company’s risk profile, and can immediately verify how risks are being managed and monitored.

Easy audit reporting
Using ERM to measure hidden value

It is often difficult for corporate leadership to measure the value proposition of risk avoidance investments in people, systems and procedures. For example, the success of departments, such as Internal Audit, Legal, Compliance and IT is defined, not by visible changes to the P&L bottom line, but by their expert avoidance or vigilant containment of risk-related events.

ComplianceManager allows corporate departments to map their risk avoidance activities—such as event management, issue resolution, compliance efforts, and audit plans—to the company’s enterprise risk framework, thereby empowering leadership to connect the dots between value-add activities and the company’s overall risk/profit profile.
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