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Simplify Your Policy Compliance Process

ComplianceManager Policy compliance benefits

“The reports are fantastic! They were super easy to generate and saved us HOURS of laboring over the tabulation effort.”

Director of Compliance, Tetra Tech

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to choose ComplianceManager

Policy compliance Datasheet Policy compliance datasheet (pdf)

ComplianceManager Policy compliance Datasheet

With the ever-growing list of policies, directives and regulations, how can you ensure that your employees and other business partners understand and sign-off on their obligations? And how can you do it quickly, effectively and within budget?

ComplianceManager makes it simple.

ComplianceManager's Policy Compliance ensures that your employees and business partners agree to uphold their policy & compliance obligations, all within a single, fully integrated source.

Policy compliance projects get done faster

ComplianceManager can dramatically reduce the time needed to complete policy compliance projects related to HR, Legal, Finance, and Operations. Administration time is cut between 50 and 80 percent using our project dashboards, personalized “To Do” lists, and automated workflow.

“It is my responsibility to ensure that 18,000+ worldwide employees certify and follow our policies. What used to take 6 months and immense effort, now takes 2 weeks with much less stress and far greater accuracy and efficiency.”

Regan MacPherson, Assistant General Counsel and Director of Corporate Governance, Seagate Technology

Policy compliance process
Distribute certifications and questionnaires company-wide

With ComplianceManager distribution is easy, and the process is simple enough that no training is needed by recipients. Responses to certifications and questionnaires are recorded and stored in one central location, so you can monitor status in real-time, resolve problems, and create instant reports.

Best of all, our web form designer tools are so flexible that clients continually discover new ways to maximize their efficiency using ComplianceManager. Some recent uses include:

  • Distribution of company policies and procedures
  • Code of Conduct training videos and certifications
  • Anti-corruption due diligence questionnaires
  • Paperless process for New Hire documentation
  • Supply-Chain compliance verifications
  • Site audit checklists and Quality Assessments
  • Global sign-off on new contract provisions
  • Quarterly financial disclosures and representation letters
Easily distribute certifications to a global audience
Track who has certified and monitor overall status

Your employees, vendors, distributors and sellers may be everywhere, but all their compliance commitments are recorded in here.

Because we are the next generation of Cloud-based software, your people and partners can collaborate from anywhere via their laptop or tablet. No matter how big the scope of your project, or how many people you need to reach worldwide, ComplianceManager keeps everything flowing, organized and monitored in one secure place.

You can track status with real-time dashboards and monitor who certified what and when. That means you can avoid surprises with compliance records that are always up-to-date.

Track who has certified
Ensure 100% Response

Automatic reminders are sent and escalated up the organizational chain, if needed, to ensure 100% response from recipients.

ComplianceManager empowers even a thinly staffed department to achieve 100% company-wide coverage without taking time away from other projects. For example, a 2-person team at one of our global clients needed to distribute their annual Code of Conduct packet to 25,000 employees in 6 different languages. The packet included the policy, a training video, an employee certification, and a multi-question Conflict of Interest disclosure form.

With ComplianceManager, our client was able to personalize the packet for every employee (e.g. something that online survey tools cannot do) and have each response automatically routed to each employee’s supervisor for review. ComplianceManager reduced their project completion time by 80%, ensured 100% response with zero training to employees, and aggregated disclosures in minutes for a report to management.

Auto-reminders for policy compliance