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Risk Management Solution
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  • 50% Audit Reduction
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  • Plan & Scale an audit
  • Identify Significant Accounts, Disclosures & Relevant Assertions
  • Define materiality
  • Select Controls to Test
  • Test Operating Effectiveness
  • Evaluate Identified Deficiences
  • Perform Risk Assessment
  • Leverage on Work of Others
ComplianceManagerTM combines powerful document and process management which guides you step-by-step through a proven compliance audit based certification framework. Internal control awareness and accountability, down to the process owner level, are guaranteed by leveraging the application's "intelligent" workflow engine, which continuously routes, tracks, records, evaluates and prompts user action. Every feature for an entire end-to-end project is inside. Internal Controls panel
  • Risk-Based Planning- Prioritize business units, processes & activities based on quantitative & qualitative risk weighting methodology
  • Control Self-Assessment- Process owners self-assess and report control weaknesses to reinforce accountability & focus audit effort
  • Walkthrough & Testing- Walkthrough & Testing – Automated workflow with multiple approvals and clear audit trail including detailed test sample attributes
  • Automated Flowchart & Narrative- Automatic generation of control flows and narratives based on control activities and changes