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  • Audit Management
  • Risk Management
  • Policy Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Quality Management

To manage diverse risks through a consistent, coordinated and sustainable strategy, ComplianceManagerTM helps companies execute on our integrated "governance, risk and compliance" or "GRC" strategy with our ComplianceManagerTM Office solution. The solution is a principles-guided, step-by-step, logical and scalable method that integrates governance, risk and compliance activities into a manageable and sustainable process. This integrated approach helps companies customize a single corporate strategy, avoid duplication of effort, and improve staff productivity and resource allocation.

ComplianceManagerTMOffice is a comprehensive Automated Compliance Management solution. It provides a compliance regulation and security controls knowledgebase, coupled with robust workflow and enterprise risk reporting capabilities. ComplianceManagerTM enables an efficient self-assessment process relative to compliance regulations, and automated management of remediation actions and controls testing. ComplianceManagerTM allows organizations to intelligently and efficiently identify, assess, monitor, correlate, and report on all aspects of enterprise compliance and risk.

  • Jump start enterprise-wide compliance management program.
  • Improve content, quality and timing of GRC analysis and reporting.
  • Control the growth of GRC-related expenses.
  • Timely and consistent compliance programs across business units.
  • Enterprise-wide view of gaps and improve risk response strategies.
  • Gain maximum employee acceptance with minimal training effort.