Policy Management

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  • Data Privacy Policy
  • HR Safe Harbor Policy
  • Corporate Procurement Policy
  • Company Ethics Policy
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Travel & Entertainment Policy
  • Financial Management Certification
  • Employee Policy Manual
ComplianceManagerTM delivers a flexible solution to automate, standardize and integrate multiple manual governance programs to enforce awareness of key policies, display clear visibility of certification, and demonstrate the rigorous processes and auditable evidences that regulators demands. The solution provides a real-time oversight from organization wide to employee level. The solution supports the end-to-end process of policy creation, documentation, completion, distribution, analysis and report. It provides powerful tools for performance monitoring and decision support such as management dashboards and task lists.

The system streamlines various Corporate Governance oversight programs, policies and procedure management, survey and certification processes, training mandates and facilitates compliance with a multitude of regulations.
  • User-defined framework to create and manage corporate policies and procedures
  • Secure, personalized, real-time web-based task lists and management dashboards
  • Automated, repeatable mechanism to identify, track and remediate issues on a timely basis
  • Auditable evidence by tasks,individuals and actions, with time-stamps
  • Powerful tools for monitoring and documenting compliance through periodic audits, surveys and self-assessments
  • Support for policy documentation, change management, communication and awareness programs and training management
  • Continual audit their internal controls and communication processes