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Brand Excellence Success Story

Maintaining Brand Excellence through Site Audits ring company

For 175 years, our retail client has offered its customers timeless style and quality. As the world’s premier jeweler, our client maintains a standard of excellence in each beautiful piece it creates. These high standards extend to the commitment our retail client makes to its customers, the environment, the community and its business.

Ensuring Consistent Store Performance

With locations spanning the globe, our client has developed extensive retail controls and operating procedures to ensure that each store satisfies its high standards. In order to verify that those standards are consistently met or exceeded, our client adopted ComplianceManager’s Store Audit system.

Our client uses ComplianceManager to capture monthly store performance data and aggregates the results for centralized analysis and exception reporting. The entire end-to-end workflow is automated and securely maintained within ComplianceManager. It provides our client with 100% store coverage and real-time visibility into its retail control environment. Monitoring store performance can now be done at a fraction of the cost and manpower.

Saving Time means More Time with Customers

Equally important, ComplianceManager was rolled out in less than two weeks and was quickly adopted by company personnel as a simple, time-saving solution with zero training needed. This fast deployment and grass-roots acceptance helped store managers maximize time with customers.

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